Crime Indexed by Decade

Here are posts about crime in Fort Worth indexed by decade.

Sam: From the Bluegrass Killing Fields to Evans Avenue (Part 1)

In a Narrow Grave Just Six by Three . . .
Cold Case on the Clear Fork: “To Heaven or Hell, One”

“Assassinated”: The Last Supper of Mary Agnes Hester
The Bottle, the Badge, and the Caduceus: Longhaired Jim Would Live to Die Another Day
Road Hazard: Transport Crime in the 1870s
Verbatim: “I Could See That Sam Was in Bad Shape”
Connections: From Buckboard to Concorde (Part 1)

Double Trouble: The Burrow Gang and the Train Twice-Robbed (Part 1)
Buttermilk and Blood (Part 1): “I’ll Kill the First Man Who Touches This Engine”
Ambush at Dry Creek: Brothers in Arms, Brothers in Irons
The O.K. Corral: 5 Cowboys, 4 Lawmen, and 1 Brother Who Said, “I Think I Can Hang Them”
In the Line of Duty (Part 1): “He Sees Naught of the Danger There”
Marshal Jim: Cowtown’s First Citizen or First Gangster? (Part 1)
The Great Escape (Part 1): When the Jury Is a Mob
“He Died With His Boots On”: Bad Blood and the Luck of the Draw
Ol’ Bony’s Boys: The Long and the Short of It
Once Upon a Crime: “Woe, Woe, Woe”

Temple Houston: Standing in the Shadow of Sam
Paydirt and the Man from Spotsylvania (Part 1): Coal
Christmas in the Acre: “Jingle Bells, Shotgun Shells, Mayhem All the Way”
Assault and Brattery: Cowtown’s Little Heckraisers
Murder in a Minor Key (Part 1): “To Eternity by a Bullet”
A Tale of Two Iconoclasts: When Whiskey and Ink and Blood Flowed
Mr. Mudgett (Part 1): “I Was Born With the Devil in Me”
In the Acre, Brass Buttons and Bad Blood: “Boys, I’m a Goner”
Threepeat on Mary’s Creek: “Posses in Hot Pursuit”

The Strange Case of the Boomerang Banknotes
Death of a Reformer: Cowtown Under a “Cloud of Sorrow”
Ambush in the Acre (Part 1): The Victim
Four Brothers in Blue, One Black Sheep

The Metropolitan Hotel: Mahogany and Homicide (Part 1)
The Metropolitan Hotel: Mahogany and Homicide (Part 2)
Confessions of a Love God: “Let Us Prey” (Part 1)
Saboteur: From Poly to the Potomac
J. Frank Norfleet: The Sucker, the Sting, the Sweet Revenge
Death at a Rolltop Desk: 1 Grudge, 2 Graves
Born the Son of a Slave and a Father “Unknown”
Battercake Flats: Shanty Town in the Shadow of the Courthouse
If Houses Could Talk: Murder on May Street
An Early #MeToo Movement and the Unwritten Law
Homicide on the Sidewalk: Death Goes Window Shopping
Mayhem on a Marriage-Go-’Round

Good Deeds by Day, Dark Deeds by Night: The Ku Klux Klan in Fort Worth
A Question at the Crossroads: Get Over It or Get Even for It?
Kruisin’ in a Texmobile: “K” for “Kar,” “K” for “Konvicted” (and “K” for “Knickers”)
Christmas 1921: “Southern Trees Bear a Strange Fruit”
J. Frank Norris: One Foot in the Pulpit, One Foot in the Witness Stand
Boyce House (Part 1): “Santa Claus, Why Did You Rob That Bank?”
Nails and Nitro: When Robberies Go Awry
Those Wild West Ways Died Hard (So Did Tom Vickery)
Double, Double, Oil and Trouble

Suitable for Framing: He Was Banking on the Picture-Perfect Crime
Hogwire and Heroin: Dishonor Among Thieves
The Metropolitan Hotel: Mahogany and Homicide (Part 3)
When 15595 Lived at 857, and G-Men Raided Paradise
Bonnie and Clyde (Part 1): Death in the Devil’s Back Porch
“Elementary, My Dear Duder”
“And a Cartridge in a Pear Tree”
Death on Cooks Lane: The One-Month Murder Case
“Let’s All Go to the Lobby”: Shootout on Show Row

Fort Worth Turns 100: Celebration and Mourning
Top o’ Hill Terrace (Part 1): War
Louis Tindall’s Wild Ride: From Rodeos to Rackets

Cadillacs and Caskets: Fort Worth’s Highway to Hell
Dark Lords of the Underworld: Close Shaves and Shallow Graves
The Gray Scourge of the Southwest (Part 1): “Banditos!”
“If You Can’t Serve Time, . . .” (Part 1): “Lights! Camera! Robbery!”
Once Upon a Prominence: Murder in High Places
Dead Man Walking (and Driving and Flying and Paddling)
Pete’s Baby Brother: “Our Pride and Joy” and “No. 1 Badman”
Femme Fatale: Death on Scenic Hill Drive
A Pistol, a Getaway Car, and Baby Makes Three
The Case of the Wandering Widow
When Crime Doesn’t Pay—Not Even the Rent
A Life of Crime: Long Shots and Longer Yachts
Minnie and Winnie (and Gordon Makes Three)
The Downward Spiral of a Dive Bomber

The Bloody Spring of ’65 (Part 1): His Death of Cold
The Bloody Spring of ’65 (Part 2): Vendetta
When 2 Gallons of Grudge Put 8 in The Grave
Homicide and Hindsight: “I Wish I Had”
“I Know Now That Their Deaths Came Quickly”

The Carla Walker Case: Justice Comes In From the Cold
Without a Trace: Three Girls Went to a Mall . . .
“He Wanted to Kill a Policeman”

Nightmare on Shore View Drive

Rich or Poor, East or West, Dead Is Dead (Part 1)
The Grim Beeper: When Death Calls
Night of the Wolf: Murder at the Glass Key
The Cadets Murder Case: Order Given, Order Carried Out

Multiple Decades
Pantaloonacy, Pantalarceny: When Crime Hits Below the Belt (1870s-1890s)
The Gallows: Black Hoods, Hymns, and Bath Tub Baptisms (1874-1915)
Death Wore a Long Black Coat (Part 1): “You Die Right Here” (1884-1909)
The Black Hole of a Red-Light District (1880s-1920)
R. M. Page “Was Not Popular” (1880s-1890s)
Sodom on the Trinity (Part 1): A Cold Day in Hell (1880s-1917)
Once Upon a Dime in the West: “Ring, Ring; You’re Dead” (1881-1900)
Badge No. 13: When Your Number Is Up (1892-1915)
The Neighbor at 2117 Hillcrest: “Friendly,” “Cold-Blooded” (1917-1951)
The Longest Drought (Part 1): Cabbages and Coffins (1920s-1930s)
A. C. Howerton: Dean of Detectives (1930s-1950s)
For This Granny, More Satan and Mace Than Satin and Lace (1950s-1980s)
In the Shadow of the Tower (Part 1): A “Good Boy” (1960s, 1980s-1990s)
Father and Son, Flesh and Blood (1960s, 1990s)
Islands of Eternity (Part 4): Mosier Valley in Memoriam (1982-2014)
“Shot While in Line of Duty” a Century Apart (1877, 1977)
The Godmother: Ma Beland and Her Mini-Mafia (Part 1) (1910s-1950s)
The Fugitive (Part 1): The Crime (1970s-1980s)
Last Words: “If I’m Not Home by Midnight” (1920s-1950s)
Six Little Panderers, . . . and Then There Were None (1950s-1960s)

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