Trains and Trolleys

Here are posts and videos about the role of rails (trains, streetcars, the interurban) in Fort Worth history.


11:23 a.m. (Part 1): Cowtown Gets Back on Track
The Little Depot That Could: Cowtown’s First Gateway to the Globe
Train Time! Maybe 11:23 a.m., July 19, 1876 Looked a Bit Like This
The Double Whammy and the Denver Road
Buttermilk and Blood (Part 1): “I’ll Kill the First Man Who Touches This Engine”
Time Tables and Tarantulas
“All Aboard the I&GN for Everman, Venus, Maypearl, Waco, and Points South”
Cowtown’s Cathedral of the Iron Age: The Art Deco Depot
Paddock’s Tarantula Gets a Second Leg to Dance On
Once Upon a Time Table: Along Came a Spider (Part 1)
1 Depot, 2 Theories, 3 Railroads, $7 Million in Damage
A Time Machine Named “Puffy”: Next Stop, 1896
Who the Heck Was . . . John L. Lancaster?
T&P’s Lancaster Yards: Boxcars and Cowcatchers
Listen to the Jingle, the Rumble, and the Roar
Behemoth: Texas & Pacific Thinks Big (Really Big)
Between Rail and Retail, Katy Was a Lake and a Golf Course
Iron Age Archeology: The Cotton Belt, the Katy, and the Denver Road
Cowtown Yoostabes, Steam Edition: Railroad Relics
Forest Park Miniature Train: The Little Engine That Could
“Head-On Joe” and the Greatest Show on Two Rails
1911: A Slogan, a Flag, and a Whole Lotta Smoke
Travelers Aid: Angels of the Iron Age
Progress Plays Through at the Seventh Green
Pumping Iron: The Past Makes a Whistle Stop
Big Boy: The Rock Star of Rolling Stock
Texas & Pacific Engine 642: “Next Stop, Oblivion”
The 1899 T&P Depot (Part 1): “Finest Passenger Station in the Entire South”
When Substance and Style Had the Same Address (Exhibit A)
When Wood and Steel Carried Steam Over Water
The Rock Island Got Rocked, But “a Mighty Good Road” Rolled
Turntables and Roundhouses: Where Dinosaurs Danced
At the Crossroads of Transportation and History
What Hath Rail Wrought? Fresh Oysters and Homes in the Sunny South
The Mineola Dodger and the Derby Hat: At the Junction of Freight and Fate
The Bomber Spur: The Little Track That Went to War
“All Aboard TEXRail. Next Stop: Yesteryear” (Part 1)
The Straight Dope on Streets, the Skinny on Bridges

Videos on YouTube

Train Time! Maybe 11:23 a.m., July 19, 1876 Looked a Bit Like This
A Time Machine Named “Puffy”: Next Stop, 1896
Engine 2248: Time Traveler (Part 1)
“May I Have This Dance?”: Engine 2248 on the Turntable
Cowtown in Motion: Rock Island Line
Cowtown in Motion: Slow Train Draggin’ 
Cowtown in Motion: Big Trains, Little Trains
Cowtown in Motion: No. 844 Movin’ on Down the Line 
Cowtown in Motion: No. 844 Catching Its Breath
Cowtown in Motion: “All Aboard!”
Cowtown Quickstep: Trains
Cowtown in Motion: Forest Park Miniature Train
Cowtown in Motion: “All Aboard the Grapevine Vintage Railroad”


A Muletide Gift for Cowtown: Intracity Mass Transit
Electric Avenue: For 32 Years the Little Road to Big D
“All Aboard the ‘Live Wire Way’! Next Stop: Cleburne”
400 Main Street: For the Electric Interurban, It Was Ohm Sweet Ohm
“All Aboard” the Crimson Limited (Part 1)
Cowtown Underground (Part 1): “All Aboard” the M&O Subway
The Straight Dope on Streets, the Skinny on Bridges

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