Posts about the history of education in Fort Worth:

The Free-for-All to Make Schools Free for All
Dear Old Golden Rule Days: The Ward Schools (Part 1)
So That’s Why That Avenue Is Called “College”
East Side Story (Part 1): The Mill and the Methodists
Fort Worth High: First Home of the Purple and White
North Side Story (Part 2): Artifacts and Fossils
Who the Heck Was . . . Alexander Hogg?
I. M. Terrell (Part 1): The Who
I. M. Terrell (Part 2): The Where
K. B. Burchill: Street Gang Member
Beyond the Chain Link Lay the Kingdom of the Mighty Mites
The Starry, Starry Nights of Charlie Mary Noble
Evan Stanley Farrington: The Face Behind the Field
The Guinns: A Century (and Then Some) of Service
Robert Lee Paschal: Started at the Top, Stayed There
O. D. Wyatt: Chalk Dust and “Stardust”
Papa Parrot: The Man We Called “Mr. T”
Green Berry Trimble: The Man and the School
Clara Peak Walden: A Life in Education
Who the Heck Was . . . John T. White?
Superintendent Moore (Part 1): The Father
Superintendent Moore (Part 2): The Son
Remembering S. S. Dillow (1865-1931) and His House (1912-2013)
Two Teachers Who Were in a Class of Their Own
Nash the Man, Nash the School
When Two Steps Became 12,962 Steps
Academy of Our Lady of Victory: “Intellect, Heart and Taste”
Cowtown Yoostabes, Fifth Ward Edition: Van Zandt School
16 Institutions, 8 Buildings, 3 Rs (Readin’, ’Ritin’, and Rip Van Winklin’)
“Poly, You Are Our Own Dear [Third] High School”
One School, Two Streets, Four Fathers, Five Names
Cowtown Yoostabes, Three R’s Edition: Schools
Conjoined at the Girder: Architecture’s Siamese Twins (Part 1)
George C. Clarke: Cowtown’s Supersalesman
Walls Within Walls
Upper Class
Upper Class Redux
There’s Madness in Their Method: Education Meets Inspiration
Education’s Immortal Portals
Wiley G. Clarkson (Part 4): The “Class” in “Classic”
Wyatt Hedrick (Part 3): The Three R’s and a Y
Grading on the Curve
North Fort Worth High School, 1915: “Brackety Cax, Co-ax, Co-ax!”
The ’24 Parrot: Buncha Hundred-Year-Old Teenagers
Poly Parrots of 1930: Familiar Faces
Panther City Parrot of Aught-Six: “Look Out for Me, Look Out for Mine”
TXWOCO: When the “W” in “TWC” Stood for “Woman’s”
Who the Heck Was . . . Alice E. Carlson?

For Whom Is That School Named?

Benbrook Elementary
Amon Carter-Riverside High
Stephen F. Austin Elementary (now Williamson-Dickie)
Andrew J. Chambers (now I. M. Terrell Academy for STEM and VPA)
George C. Clarke Elementary
Lily B. Clayton Elementary
E. M. Daggett Elementary
S. S. Dillow Elementary
J. P. Elder Middle
M. G. Ellis Primary
James E. Guinn (now Business Assistance Center)
Handley Middle
Alexander Hogg Elementary (now Homes of Parker Commons)
Diamond Hill-Jarvis High
Laneri College (now Cassata High)
Leonard Middle
W. P. McLean Middle
D. McRae Elementary
William Monnig Middle
M. H. Moore Elementary
Charles Nash Elementary
Ernest Parker Junior High (now Homes of Parker Commons)
R. L. Paschal High
A. M. Pate Elementary
Carroll Peak Elementary
Sam Rosen Elementary
W. C. Stripling Middle
Tandy Elementary (now Tandy Village Assisted Living)
I. M. Terrell Academy for STEM and VPA
Green B. Trimble Technical High
Van Zandt-Guinn Elementary
R. Vickery Elementary (closed)
John T. White Elementary
O. D. Wyatt High School


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