Posts About Education in Fort Worth

Posts about the history of education in Fort Worth:

The Free-for-All to Make Schools Free for All
Dear Old Golden Rule Days: The Ward Schools (Part 1)
So That’s Why That Avenue Is Called “College”
East Side Story (Part 1): The Mill and the Methodists
Fort Worth High: First Home of the Purple and White
North Side Story (Part 2): Artifacts and Fossils
Who the Heck Was . . . Alexander Hogg?
K. B. Burchill: Street Gang Member
Evan Stanley Farrington: The Face Behind the Field
Papa Parrot: The Man We Called “Mr. T”
Green Berry Trimble: The Man and the School
Clara Peak Walden: A Life in Education
Who the Heck Was . . . John T. White?
Superintendent Moore (Part 1): The Father
Superintendent Moore (Part 2): The Son
Remembering S. S. Dillow (1865-1931) and His House (1912-2013)
Two Teachers Who Were in a Class of Their Own
Nash the Man, Nash the School
When Two Steps Became 12,962 Steps
Academy of Our Lady of Victory: “Intellect, Heart and Taste”
Cowtown Yoostabes, Fifth Ward Edition: Van Zandt School
16 Institutions, 8 Buildings, 3 Rs (Readin’, ’Ritin’, and Rip Van Winklin’)
“Poly, You Are Our Own Dear [Third] High School”
One School, Two Streets, Four Fathers, Five Names
Cowtown Yoostabes, Three R’s Edition: Schools
Conjoined at the Girder: Architecture’s Siamese Twins (Part 1)
Walls Within Walls
Upper Class
Upper Class Redux
There’s Madness in Their Method: Education Meets Inspiration
Education’s Immortal Portals
Wiley G. Clarkson (Part 4): The “Class” in “Classic”
Wyatt Hedrick (Part 3): The Three R’s and a Y
Grading on the Curve
North Fort Worth High School, 1915: “Brackety Cax, Co-ax, Co-ax!”
The ’24 Parrot: Buncha Hundred-Year-Old Teenagers
Poly Parrots of 1930: Familiar Faces
Panther City Parrot of Aught-Six: “Look Out for Me, Look Out for Mine”
TXWOCO: When the “W” in “TWC” Stood for “Woman’s”

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