Travelers Aid: Angels of the Iron Age
A Woman of Grit (Part 1): Immigrant, Prisoner, Escapee
Fire and Fortitude: The Youngest Hero
Army Nurse Ella Behrens: The First Casualty of War Is Truth
Josephine Ryan: Her Story Is Our Story
In the Key of Kay: The News Was a Nickel, But the Smile Was on the (Court)House
Clara Peak Walden: A Life in Education
Mrs. Baird’s: Cowtown Born and Bread
She Put Her Stamp on Cowtown
Bridie O’Driscoll: The Lady Liberty of Rosen Heights
The Starry, Starry Nights of Charlie Mary Noble
“Dr. May”: From Milk Stool to Microscope
For This Granny, More Satan and Mace Than Satin and Lace
“Extra! Extra! Read All About It: ‘Girl Reporter’ Breaks Glass Ceiling”
Tad Lucas, Queen of the Cowgirls
K. B. Burchill: “Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Glass Ceiling . . .”
“Build a Big Mansion and Fill It Up With Children”
Prime Meridian of the South Side (Part 2): 10,000 Babies
The Rise and Fall” of the Queen of the Clouds
Punkins Parker: From the Poly ’Hood to Hollywood
The Face and the Flier: The Silver Screen and the Wild Blue Yonder
She and the Flea: Both Eyes on the Sky, Both Feet on the Ground
From Russia with Glub
Cowtown Literati: The Bohemian Club
The Woman at the Corner of Me, Myself, and I
The Queen of Nylon Net Was “Every Housewife’s Friend”
Two Teachers Who Were in a Class of Their Own
Carry on, Cowtown: Hatchetation Nation


(The face with the scallop-shell corona graces the Bicocchi Building on Jennings Avenue and is said to be a likeness of Louis Bicocchi’s daughter Clotilda.)

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