Cowtown at Play

Posts about parks, sports, and recreation:

Park Names From A to Z (Al Hayne to Z. Boaz) (Part 1)
Summer Splashback: Swimming Pools of the Past
Fort Wurst: In Der Beginning Was Das Maifest
The Cold Springs: Yesterday’s Oasis, Today’s Mystery

Sandcrabs, Quicksteps, and Casketmakers: “Play Ball!”
When the Panthers’ Roar Was Pitch Perfect
Who the Heck Was . . . C. J. Swasey?
The Reign of the Raj: “The Greatest Hitter” and “a Curmudgeon”
Connections: From the Colony of Stephen F. Austin to the Dugout of Panther Park
On Deck: King of Diamonds, King of Hearts
Del Murray Field: If You Build It, . . .
1895: Cowtown’s Twofer Year in Sports (Part 1)
Bats and Batons (Part 1)

“Fore!”closed: Goat Hills, Z. Boaz, and Other Missing Links
Marvin Shannon’s Sweet Spot in Time
Between Rail and Retail, Katy Was a Lake and a Golf Course

“Thrills to the Marrow”: Cowtown’s Motordrome
Cowtown Yoostabes, Derby Edition: Grab a Handful of Gravity and Go
The Need for Speed (Part 1): Hooves
Samuels Avenue (Part 2): Win, Place, and Show
1895: Cowtown’s Twofer Year in Sports (Part 2)

Athletic Fields
Evan Stanley Farrington: The Face Behind the Field
Bats and Batons (Part 2)

Forest Park and Cobb Park
For 41 Years She Wore the Crown in Cowtown
Forest Park Miniature Train: The Little Engine That Could
Once Upon a Python: When Pete Went Hither, Slither, and Yon
Cobb Park in Its Prime (Part 1): A “Maze of Beauty” and a “Lovers’ Lane”

Casino Park
Jangoloos and Bug-a-Boos (Part 2)

African-American Parks
African-American Parks (Part 1)
Bats and Batons (Part 2)

Trolley Parks
Jangoloos and Bug-a-Boos (Part 1)
Samuels Avenue (Part 3): No “Roughs, Toughs and Hoodlums”
Trolley Parks: Lake Como (“Most Beautiful Spot in Texas”)
Trolley Parks: “Beautiful” Lake Erie
Trolley Parks: White City (“the Model Amusement Resort”)

Lakes and Railroad Reservoirs
Pocket Lakes
From Tandy and Togo to Elliot and Erie: The Lost Lakes of Cowtown
The Recipe for Lake Instant: Just Add Water
In Search of “Just Right”: Goldilocks and the Six Lakes (Part 1)
Between Rail and Retail, Katy Was a Lake and a Golf Course

(Image from a B. C. Evans Daily Gazette ad in 1890.)

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