Wiley G. Clarkson (Part 4): The “Class” in “Classic”

For these Fort Worth public schools Wiley G. Clarkson (see Part 1) used art deco, Spanish colonial, mission revival, Tudor, and Mediterranean revival styles:

North Side High (1937).

Charles E. Nash Elementary (1927).

Alice Carlson Elementary (1926).

J. P. Elder Middle School (1927).

Recognize this building? It’s Paschal High School on Forest Park Boulevard. Do I detect some skepticism from your wireless mouse? When Clarkson designed this building in 1936, it was Southwest Junior High School. In 1955 the building became Paschal High School. Then the expansions began. On all sides of Clarkson’s original building. Today it is surrounded by additions and is not visible from the street.

Wiley G. Clarkson is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

(My thanks to grandson Wiley Clarkson, whose website has a lot of text and images relating to the life and career of his grandfather.)
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  1. Steve A says:

    Can you imagine such on ANY public building nowadays?

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