Once Upon a Centennial: Happy Hundredth (Part 2)

Once Upon a Centennial: Happy Hundredth (Part 2)

Cowtown was booming in 1912. Turning one hundred years old in 2012 (see Part 1) are:

The Tandy bungalow on Meadowbrook Drive.  

Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church.

The home of Howard Peak on Elizabeth Boulevard in Ryan Place. Peak was the first male child born in Fort Worth. He was born in the garrison of the abandoned fort in 1856.

The Sycamore Park bridge of the interurban line to Cleburne. The Cleburne line branched off the Dallas line near where the humane society is today on Lancaster.

Mount Gilead Baptist Church (Sanguinet and Staats).

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  1. Bryan Richhart says:

    Mike, FYI Rich started at the ST on April 28, 1925, he retired December 31, 1967

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