Not Just a Big Brick Box of Beds: The Texas Hotel Opens

On December 3, 1921 the Texas Hotel (Sanguinet and Staats) formally opened:

William Monnig, W. C. Stripling, Amon Carter, and other civic leaders had formed the Citizens Hotel Company in 1919 to finance and build a showcase hotel for Fort Worth. The price tag was $3 million ($39 million today).

The hotel originally was to be named for Winfield Scott, the late capitalist who had owned Thistle Hill on Quality Hill, but the hotel opened as the “Texas Hotel.” Scott had owned the first Worth Hotel north of the Texas Hotel and the Metropolitan Hotel south of the Texas Hotel and dreamed of building a hotel between the two but died in 1911.

hotel texas couponThe Citizens Hotel Company gave the public a chance to buy stock in the hotel via a coupon in the Star-Telegram.

F&M both skyscrapers 9-28-19Not only the name but also the appearance of the hotel changed early on. On September 28, 1919 the Star-Telegram ran a full-page spread on “skyscrapers” planned or under construction as Fort Worth prospered during the oil boom. From left to right: Texas Hotel, Farmers and Mechanics National Bank, Waggoner Building (all designed by Sanguinet and Staats). Note the C-shaped footprint of the original hotel design, similar to the footprint of the 1926 Fort Worth Club Building, designed by . . . wait for it . . . Sanguinet and Staats.

hotel texas lobbyPostcard.

From a block away, the Texas Hotel is a typical hotel building—a big brick box of beds.

Ah, but it’s a Sanguinet and Staats design. So, up close, at the bottom and top floors, it’s as decorated as any wedding cake.

On the frieze this relief of two ram heads and a pair of legs with hoofed feet always makes me not want to walk into the hotel and ask to see the restaurant menu.

Footnote: One “Winfield” building kept its name.

hotel texas winfield garage 5-29-21 st

The Winfield Garage opened in 1920 at 8th and Calhoun streets as the parking garage of the new Winfield Hotel. The name of the hotel was changed but not the name of the garage. Clip is from the May 29, 1921 Star-Telegram.

texas hotel winfield photoThe Winfield building survives.

texas hotel auto show 4-11-20The garage hosted Fort Worth’s first big auto show in 1920. This map shows the dealers and their auto makes, most of them, including the Texan, long since defunct. Clip is from the April 11, 1920 Star-Telegram.

hotel texas taxis 7-23-22The Winfield Garage also was the home of the Black and White Cab Company. Clip is from the July 23, 1922 Star-Telegram.

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  1. Interesting article. My grandfather did a job for them in 1947 to the tune of $200,000.00. I have no clue as to what that job was.

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