Nash the Man, Nash the School

It’s unfortunate that often folks who have a school named in their honor do not live to see their namesake. An example is Charles E. Nash, who was born in 1861 in St. Paul, Minnesota, and came to Fort Worth in 1872 with his parents.

nash panelHis father, Z. E. B. Nash, soon opened a hardware store on Main Street. (Photo shows the Nash building on East 7th Street.) Father and son developed the retail business into a wholesale business. Charles E. Nash also was a school board member.

nash 9-14-17 stCharles E. Nash died on September 13, 1917. Charles E. Nash Elementary School was built in 1927 on Samuels Avenue—the street Nash had lived on. Clip is from the September 14 Star-Telegram.

nash graveNash is buried in Oakwood Cemetery.

Architect Wiley G. Clarkson did Nash proud with this Spanish colonial design:

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3 Responses to Nash the Man, Nash the School

  1. John Shiflet says:

    A majorly remodeled Charles E. Nash home still stands due north of the D.C. Bennett/Fenelon house at 731 Samuels. Mrs. David Nash told me she sold it to a Christian organization for troubled teens (Teen Challenge) in the 1970′s which gutted the historic home to the studs and rebuilt with a whole new floorplan inside. At least the exterior facade is still intact. The School honoring Nash (who was a school board president) is largely intact and original. Our son attended school there in the 1990′s back when it and the surrounding neighborhood were considered marginal. Now Nash Elementary is rated “exemplary”. Glad that new development did not destroy this fine old school building-long a neighborhood landmark.

  2. Noel Viramontes says:

    we love nash!!! And our kids go there now

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