Neon Then: Tubeless and Tired

These neon signs won’t light up the night again without major repairs, including replacement of the neon glass tubing:

The ex-Rox Ex: The longtime East Side extermination company is no more.

Cold cuts: Ashburn’s ice cream shop on East Rosedale Street is now a Subway sandwich shop.

Say it with stamps: Former florist shop (1925) that gave S&H Green Stamps on Magnolia Street.

“Your credit jeweler”: The former Joe Daiches store downtown. The 1910 building was built by undertaker George Gause.

Advertisin’, old school: Club Frennadna’s operated in the old R. Vickery Elementary School (1910).

Blast from the past: The Rocket night club on Jacksboro Highway is now a muffler shop.

Tomorrow: Neon Now: Red Goose, White Elephant

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2 Responses to Neon Then: Tubeless and Tired

  1. Steve A says:

    Other than the neon, most of those signs are amazingly well preserved.

    • hometown says:

      And at least some of them have not had any maintenance for years. And all have been exposed to the elements 24/7. That Rox Ex sign has been there as long as I can remember. The business closed long ago.

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