Watching the River Flow(er) (Part 1)

The banks of the Trinity are finally showing some color.

Each spring the bridge over Bryant Irvin Road becomes a nursery for baby swallows. You can see a baby, looking like a displaced penguin, peeking out of one mud nest. The adults fly dozens of sorties each day to bring food back to their young. (Downstream at the new Clearfork Bridge, upwardly mobile swallows are already swarming around, checking out the neighborhood, asking about the school system, taxes, HOA dues, etc.)

No pollen allergies for this beetle.

As I understand the birds and bees and butterflies, this hungry monarch caterpillar is first generation. If it finds a date to the senior prom and all else goes well, come autumn its great-grandchildren will fly south to Mexico for the winter. Buen apetito.

Watching the River Flow(er) (Part 2)

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