Let Them Eat (Birthday) Cake: Happy Hundredth

Joining the Century Club in 2013 are these North Side structures:

All Saints’ Catholic School on North Houston Street.

1311 Grand Avenue, built for machinist C. A. Butler. 

1004 NW 15th Street, built for L. B. Clark, who co-owned a drugstore.

2401 Roosevelt Avenue, built for George Muir, a hay baler.

2505 Roosevelt Avenue, built for Anton Koldin, a foreman at the Armour packing plant.

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2 Responses to Let Them Eat (Birthday) Cake: Happy Hundredth

  1. I have a crowd funding campaign for a new documentary called Cold War Peacemaker about the Convair B-36. I could use some help spreading the word about the campaign and the film. As you likely know the B-36 was produced here in Fort Worth and many were stationed at Carswell. You can view the campaign at http://igg.me/at/coldwarpeacemaker/x/4004592 or visit my website at http://www.flyinshoesfilms.net/FSF/HOME_PAGE.html.
    Thanks for the help. I love and admire your site.

    Mark A. Nobles

    • hometown says:

      Very worthy project, Mark, especially to those of us who remember seeing the behemoths in the air. Wish we still had one on static display.

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