Cowtown in Motion: Critters on the River

These critters were seen on the Clear Fork. The final turtle and the possum were set free at the river after I found them in my back yard. All together now: “Born free, as free as a possum/A possum will blossom/If you will open the traaaaaaap.”
Video at (Viewable in HD.)

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2 Responses to Cowtown in Motion: Critters on the River

  1. Steve A says:

    Don’t possums go thousands of miles, if necessary to get back to “their” own back yards?

    • hometown says:

      Oh, no. You don’t mean . . . homing marsupials! Actually, last summer I trapped and relocated two possums, six raccoons, and that turtle from my back yard to the river. How that ten-inch turtle got into the dry dock of my back yard is a mystery.

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