The ’24 Parrot: Buncha Hundred-Year-Old Teenagers

Even the youngest “fish” of the freshman class would be a centenarian now. But in the Poly High School yearbook of 1924 these students remain forever young, perpetually studious, goofy, and intense in ways that we thought we invented.

poly 24 coverHere are some pages from the yearbook when the school was on Nashville Avenue in the 1922 building that would become Poly Elementary and then a vacant lot.

poly 24 buildingIn these photos, the lawn appears to be still unsodded.

poly 24 senior officerspoly 24 pages 60-61poly 24 baseballpoly 24 faculty Maurine Martel would still be at Poly forty years later. Martel and music teacher Charles X. O’Brien composed and arranged the school song. And manual training teacher J. P. Moore would survive the splinters of woodshop to become superintendent of Fort Worth schools.

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8 Responses to The ’24 Parrot: Buncha Hundred-Year-Old Teenagers

  1. Pete Normand says:

    Well known actor, Joseph Patrick Cranshaw, was a 1937 graduate of Polytechnic High School. He lived at 3325 Fitzhugh, and was a member of Boy Scout Troop 4 & 52 at Trinity Episcopal Church. Most people today would remember him as the character “Blue” in the 2003 movie “Old School.”

  2. Carole Dabney Fox says:

    Well, where have I been that I’m just now discovering this site. Oh my, it’s a good thing we’re quarantined right now so I can revisit all of this. I’m loving it! Thanks so much!

  3. Bev. Nabors says:

    Hi Mike,
    Hope Stallings was still at Poly in 1956-58. I wondered if Bessie Plummer-Latin, also in the 1924 annual, became Bessie Ellis-Latin, when I was there in the 50’s. I really enjoyed learning about the previous Poly High Schools. I learned a bunch of new information just by reading Hometown by Handlebar. Thanks, Mike!

    • hometown says:

      Thanks, Bev. Thirty and even forty years at the same school for some of those teachers. That doesn’t happen anymore.

  4. Ms Martel was retiring in’69

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