All Aboard!

It’s train time. Seen around town:

“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can flatten that photographer if he gets any closer.” The five-mile miniature railroad through Forest Park and Trinity Park opened in 1959.

A Trinity Railway Express train comes through the Hunt-Hawes Building (1900) at 508 East 7th St. In 2001, when the TRE route was expanded to connect Fort Worth’s Texas & Pacific Station and Dallas’ Union Station, the Hunt-Hawes Building was smack dab in the path of the planned route. Rather than demolish the centenarian, workers dug a tunnel through it. Now that’s historic preservation.

A train for all seasons: Union Pacific engine, seen near Samuels Avenue, has both a sun deflector over the windshield and a snow-plow pilot.

Bringing up the rear: Union Pacific cupola caboose in Handley.


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5 Responses to All Aboard!

  1. Good morning.
    I need your help with the following information.
    I work for Basecom Construction Services and we purchased the building on 722 Missouri Ave here in Fort Worth. we have renovated the building into our corporate offices.
    This information I need, do you have some kind of history behind this building and/or area? Near Southside.
    On August 7th, we will be hosting a breakfast for the Near Southside and I would like to have a little history on this building and area we are in.
    Thank you

  2. Doohickie says:

    BTW…. really enjoying the blog so far. We go a lot of the same places, but you’re better briefed on the history.

  3. Doohickie says:

    Been there. Photo’ed that. You actually caught the train in the tunnel though. I just got the people on the platform. (See more.)

    • hometown says:

      Thanks! Well, I did have to wait a spell for it to come alone. Your photo makes the bend look so sharp! That WAS taken from the north of the Amtrak platform, right? Your Raleigh reminds me of the first English racer I had–$49 three-speed with skinny tires from Ward’s. Very exotic on the East Side in about 1959.

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